Cake Craft Group PGI-580/CLI-581 XXL Maintenance Cartridges

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Keep your printer in tip-top shape with these maintenance ink cartridges.

These maintenance cartridges are specially designed to work in a similar way to regular printing cartridges, but instead provide your printer with a deep and thorough clean. This ensures flawless and more vibrant prints.

All 5 cartridges are available (Black PG1-580, Black CLI-581, Cyan CLI-581, Magenta CLI-581, Yellow CLI-581) and are one-time-use only. The full set is also available at a discounted price (save over 10%). 

Compatible with our A4 Edible Imaging Printer, as well as other models that use PGI-580/CLI-581 cartridges (PIXMA TS8152, PIXMA TS8151, PIXMA TR7550, PIXMA TS6151, PIXMA TS9155,  PIXMA TS9150, PIXMA TS6150, PIXMA TR8550, PIXMA TS8150, PIXMA TS705).

Usage instructions:

  1. Remove the edible ink cartridges from the printer head and store on there side on some kitchen paper.
  2. Take the Maintenance cartridges and remove the packaging. Save the orange clips at the bottom of the maintenance cartridges to prevent drying out when not in use.
  3. Slot Into the correct colour slot.
  4. Once the cartridge is in place close the lid and perform a deep clean.
  5. Carry out the clean a 2-3 times then print a nozzle check.
  6. If there is still colour on the sheet repeat the clean again until the nozzle check is clear from all coloured ink.
  7. Once clear you can then remove the maintenance cartridges, attach the orange caps and place the edible ink cartridges back into the correct slot. Store upright in a cool dry place and repeat once per week to prevent blockages.
  8. You can then continue printing and your clean has been completed. Please, note that the ink may not show through immediately and may take a few tries as it works through the printer head.

Deep clean instructions:

  1. Go to devices and printers on your computer and select the printer you are printing from and right-click on it.
  2. A tab will appear and you will need to select 'printing preferences' or 'Utility'.
  3. This will then bring up another tab where you will need to select the maintenance section.
  4. Then double click deep clean or head clean and start.
  5. Once the cleaning is finished it will print a nozzle check. If the nozzle check is blurry, has lines or isn't fully printed you may need to repeat the clean 2-4 times to get the result you need.

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