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Fractal Colors FunDustic Dust Powder Colour

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FunDusts are edible food colourings that are rich in colour and give professional-looking results every time.

These edible dusts can be used on/in various mediums, including sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, buttercream, frostings & fillings, white chocolate, royal icing and even in your cake mixes.

Apply directly to your edible decorations with a dusting brush, or mix into your pastes/batter/icing to create an even base colour.

These dusts are ideal for shading, toning and creating gradient effects in your edible decorations and cake tiers.

FunDust dusts can also be used as an edible paint - simply add rejuvenator spirit, lemon juice or clear alcohol (such as vodka) and mix well.

✔ Halal Certified
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Adriatic Blue: colours (E133, E171).
Ashen Grey: colours (E171, E153), anti-caking agent (E551)
Azure: Colours (E133)
Baby Blue: colours (E171, E133), anti-caking agent (E551)
Bishop Purple: colours (E151, E122).
Black: colours (E153).
Bloody Mary: colours (E110, E124, E122).
Burgundy: colours (E122, E151).
Burning Red: colours (E122*, E124*).
Canary Yellow: colours (E102).
Cappuccicno: colours (E171, E104*, E124*, E132), anti-caking agent (E551), colour (E110*). 
Carolina Blue: colours (E171, E132).
Cherry Red: colours (E124).
Citrus Green: colours (E104, E133).
Claret: colours (E122, E171, E132).
Cream: colours (E171, E102), anti-caking agent (E551).
Dark Chocolate: colours (E129, E110, E133, E151).
Dark Green: colours (E153, E102, E133)
Dark Khaki: colours (E102, E171, E122, E153, E133).
Deep Claret: colours (E122, E151, E153).
Eggplant: Colours (E124, E151).
Fresh Green: colours (E171, E102, E133).
Gooseberry Green: colours (E102, E171, E133).
Grass Green: colours (E102, E132).
Green Apple: colours (E171, E102, E133).
Housesleek: colour s (E171, E104, E133, E153).
Ivory: colours (E171), anti-caking agent (E551), colours (E102, E124, E132).
Ivy Green: colours (E133, E104).
Kitty Nose Pink: colours (E171, E122, E124), anti-caking agent (E551).
Lagoon Blue: colours (E133, E171, E104).
Lavender: colours (E171, E151, E122), anti-caking agent (E551)
Lemon Yellow: colours (E104).
Light Yellow: colours (E171, E102), anti-caking agent (E551).
Mandarin: colours (E110, E102, E104).
Milk Chocolate: colours (E102, E104, E132)
Moss Green: colours (E104, E153, E133).
Mustard Yellow: colours (E102, E171, E122, E133).
Ochre: colours (E102, E110, E133).
Olive Green: colours (E133, E104, E153).
Orange: Colours (E110).
Peach: colours (E171, E110).
Pelican Pink: colours (E171, E122), anti-caking agent (E551).
Primrose: colours (E171, E104), anti-caking agent (E551).
Robin Egg Blue: colours (E171, E133, E102).
Rose: colours (E171, E124), anti-caking agent (E551).
Royal Blue: colours (E132).
Rust Red: colours (E122, E133, E104).
Seagull Grey: colours (E171, E132, E153), anti-caking agent (E551).
Skin Tone Light: colours (E171, E124, E102), anti-caking agent (E551)
Sky Blue: colours (E171, E133, E132), anti-caking agent (E551).
Squirrel Brown: colours (E110, E102, E151).
Terracotta: colours (E110, E104, E122, E102).
Terra Brown: colours (E104, E122, E133).
Turquoise: colours (E171, E133, E104).
Tuscan Limestone: colours (E171, E102, E124, E129).
White Snow: colours (E171), anti-caking agent (E551).
Wine Red: colours (E122, E171, E132).

Colours containing E102, E104, E110, E122, E124 or E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

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